The European Handball Federation relies on Oracle and primeone

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On Tuesday, 19.11.2019, the strategic cooperation between Oracle, primeone and the European Handball Federation was wrapped up. Together with Christoph Gamper (CIO) and Martin Hausleitner (Secretary General and COO), the contracts for a long-term partnership were signed.

On the basis of Oracle CX Marketing, handball fans in Europe will in future be provided with even more targeted information via the various communication channels and thus receive exclusive content on events, video streams, loyalty programmes and much more. In addition, online behaviour and real-time data visualisation will be used for campaigns by means of Oracle Infinity Streams. Oracle CX Sales - a modern sales and service solution - serves as the target system for the information gained from marketing. The solution approach is rounded off with the Oracle Integration and Process Cloud - here, the focus is on the fast and simple connection and monitoring of cloud and on-premise system interfaces.

For all handball fans, the 14th European Men's Handball Championship (from 9 to 26 January 2020 in Austria, Sweden and Norway) is the first highlight of the coming year. Tickets can be found here

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