Frequentis Marketing opts for Oracle and primeone

 In Customer Experience, Marketing Solution

Automation plays a major role in the organisation of work at Frequentis - not only within the marketing department, but also in cross-team cooperation with sales. We have therefore set ourselves the following goals: With the help of an automated platform, the marketing department can address the various target groups more efficiently and better evaluate their interest. Moreover, marketing and sales can jointly define categories and criteria in the context of lead generation that are relevant for the successful sale of a product. These are all important drivers of the project as such for us. After an intensive selection process, we finally decided on Oracle Marketing Cloud and primeone business solutions as our implementation partner. The kick-off for this project took place a few weeks ago. We were already able to successfully complete one of the first milestones in our defined go-forward plan and are looking forward to a positive course of the project with confidence.

About Frequentis

Frequentis, ein börsennotiertes Familienunternehmen mit Sitz in Wien, ist globaler Anbieter von Kommunikations- und Informationssystemen für Kontrollzentralen mit sicherheitskritischen Aufgaben. Solche „Control Center Solutions” entwickelt und vertreibt Frequentis in den Segmenten Air Traffic Management (zivile und militärische Flugsicherung, Luftverteidigung) und Public Safety & Transport (Polizei, Feuerwehr, Rettungsdienste, Schifffahrt, Bahn). Frequentis verfügt über ein weltweites Netzwerk an Niederlassungen, Tochtergesellschaften und lokalen Repräsentanten in über 50 Ländern. Produkte und Lösungen des High-tech-Unternehmens sind bei mehr als 500 Kunden in rund 150 Ländern zu finden.


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