Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partnership

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Connie Francis already knew it in 1966 "Old love never rusts"... this or something similar is how we feel as primeone business solutions when we talk about Microsoft Dynamics ūüėČ

In addition to the proven Oracle portfolio, Microsoft Dynamics 365 will expand our solution portfolio in the future. We are building on our existing Dynamics know-how. With Microsoft, too, we want to be a pioneer in the area of cloud transformation, which is why we will concentrate only on cloud applications (marketing, sales, service and field service), just as we did with Oracle.

With Office 365 and the data/communication model based on it, the Dynamics platform offers a very good starting position for the digital transformation of SMEs and enterprise customers. Our services are rounded off in the areas of AI, bots and Power Platform (BI/APPS/FLOW), as these topics will also increasingly differentiate us from the competition.

Benefit from our SaaS/PaaS experience of several decades and let's start together into a better and digital future.






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