primeone is "Oracle Innovation Partner of the Year

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Innovations drive us. Innovations are the future. Without innovations and the desire for change, we humans would probably still be living in caves today. Or as Albert Einstein said, "I am more interested in the future than in the past, because I intend to live in it.

We are therefore particularly proud to have been awarded the Innovation Partner of the Year Award by Oracle this year. 🙂

Many people only talk about digital transformation... - we live transformation and innovation every day, and have been doing so for 10 years. When the company was founded in 2009, we committed ourselves to the topic of cloud computing. This investment, in what was then a more than undesirable approach, has paid off massively in recent years.

Despite our 10 years, we have remained fast, agile and dynamic and love to accompany customers on the path of transformation. That's why we also say THANK YOU to our customers who walk this path with us every day and are also a part of this success.



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