Integration Cloud

The simple and powerful Oracle Integration Cloud enables you to leverage your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications.

You would like to start within a few minutes? Build SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-On-Premise integrations within a few clicks? All this pre-integrated into Oracle SaaS applications or other 3rd party applications (e. g. SAP/R3)? All of this in a secure, high-performance and available platform? Then the Oracle Integration Cloud is the right choice for you!

Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple and powerful cloud integration platform that allows you to leverage your investments in SaaS and on-premise applications.

Integration patterns range from synchronous real-time messaging between two applications to publish/subscribe messaging between multiple applications. Depending on the application, ICS can also send requests in batches to process a group of data objects (such as events, accounts, etc.) in a single interaction. When using a hybrid model, numerous other applications are available.

Integration Cloud Service provides extensive and native connectivity to a variety of applications such as SAP R3, Salesforce. com, Oracle Sales Cloud, RightNow, Eloqua, and more. With the upcoming releases, this list of applications will be complemented by other Oracle and third-party applications. However, no adapter is required for your integrations. The product offers support for native web services – so any of the current 2300+ SaaS applications on the market can be integrated with ICS.


Do you still create your integrations manually?

The most important features of Integration Cloud

  • An Environment pre-loaded with connections to all Oracle SaaS applications you have subscriptions to
  • Best-in-class SaaS adaptors to accelerate integration with your cloud assets
  • Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems in your data-center
  • Simple and extensible architecture for creation of new adapters
  • Rich Point and click browser-based designer to build integrations anywhere – on your computer or your favorite tablet
  • Smart Data Mapper provides accurate recommendations using Oracle Recommends™
  • Business friendly terminology combined with videos and tutorials for ease of use
  • Publish your integrations as an API for external consumption
Monitor and Manage
  • Simple and powerful search to help you zero in on transactions of interest. Comprehensive drill-down capabilities for detailed auditing and analysis
  • Real-time insight into key performance indicators on a high-performance visual dashboard
  • Rapidly detect and diagnose errors for corrective action
Speed up
  • Portfolio of pre-built integrations available for immediate use as-is, or customizable for your business requirements
  • Pre-built adapters and integrations, published by Oracle and Oracle partners

Do you like to work faster, more efficient, integrated and enterprise-oriented?