Process Cloud

Increase agility in your organization with a simple, low code visual platform that simplifies daily tasks. This platform gives employees, customers and partners the services they need to work anytime, anywhere and on any device.

With Oracle Process Cloud, your organization can easily create or change processes to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. The service is designed from the ground up to support all processes in the cloud.

Close more cases with folders, document workflows, virtual connections, and extensive analytics. Use social apps to work across devices – anytime, anywhere. Extend and connect SaaS with on-premise applications including IoT.


Make process automation accessible to everyone in your organization

Key features of the Process Cloud

Business-oriented, fast process automation
  • Work together to create applications (processes, forms, rules, documents, services, and data) in a 100% Web-based zero code designer.
  • Create dynamic user interfaces. Once developed, you can deploy them to web/mobile platforms.
  • You can establish stable connections to SOAP and REST interfaces. With Oracle Integration Cloud, you can create complex integrations.
  • Overcome bottlenecks with comprehensive workflow analysis and interactive dashboards.
Productive and intuitive task management
  • You can view, complete, reassign, and delegate tasks. Keep an overview with filters. Receive email notifications about tasks.
  • With a single mobile app, you can call up tasks and finally edit them. Work online or offline. Upload files and reassign tasks to your phone contacts.
  • Annotate and share photos or documents and increase productivity through close collaboration.
  • Increase efficiency by leveraging sophisticated work assignment features and rule-based dynamic assignments. Reduce the backlog of your cases with adaptive, rule-based work assignments.
Consistent transparency and self-service
  • Monitor and manage workflows in real time with comprehensive visualizations and analytics
  • Subscribe to alerts, overcome bottlenecks, track trends and trade.
  • Easily track workflows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot errors, and streamline critical processes.
  • Change ongoing processes (process flow, data) to adapt to changing business conditions. You can quickly change workflows, update data, and achieve business agility with business-friendly controls.
Process applications made easy
  • Highly available and scalable deployment environment for process applications that inherit security and management from Oracle.
  • Combine the service with QuickStart process applications to simplify daily tasks and adapt to the speed of business operations.
  • Gain complete control over the lifecycle of your process applications with automated, rule-based controls for moving from development/test environments to production environments.
  • Flexible movement of process application metadata and content from the cloud to on-premise environment for version control.