Interview with our customer Cubido (ACP)


Contact person:
Mrs. Lisa Fragner


Integrated systems: 2 systems
Implementation time: 2 months

On the subject of evaluation / selection process

Please briefly describe the initial situation?

"CUBIDO is a specialist for analytics, software development and process automation. Together with its customers, CUBIDO develops customized software solutions, supports them in the collection, analysis and preparation of data of any kind or in the automation and optimization of their business processes.

CUBIDO has been using the CRM tool "Microsoft Dynamics" for years. In recent years, new services - especially in the areas of analytics and process automation - have been added to CUBIDO's portfolio. Due to this and also due to the significant growth of the company, a revision and adaptation of the sales and CRM processes became necessary."

Were there any particular challenges/problems on site?

"The processes for capturing leads or opportunities had to be adapted to current requirements on the one hand and then mapped in the CRM tool. This includes, in particular, lead generation campaigns, which could not be adequately captured until now. With the revision and optimization of the processes and the CRM tool, a joint project was launched that will be constantly expanded over the next few months."

How did the selection process go? What were the selection criteria for the new solution?

"There was no selection process because CUBIDO wanted to continue working with the existing Dynamics platform."

Why did you choose Oracle and primeone?

"Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 was already in use as a CRM tool, we wanted to continue using it. The seamless integration with the entire Office 365 suite, including Outlook integration, is an enormous added value. We chose primeone in particular because of their cloud expertise and we particularly liked the fact that primeone actively approached us with solution proposals. This made it easy for us to make quick decisions and thus stay within budget."

On the subject of goals and solution

Were there specific targets for the solution?

"The goal was a coordinated sales process. In addition to a more comprehensive customer database, this means a clear distinction between leads and opportunities including a history of the last few years, appropriate reporting and, in the future, mapping of the entire quotation process from workshop to project and any follow-up projects."

Were there any special requirements that the solution had to meet?

"One is a comprehensive customer database, as well as standardizing the quoting process to get a complete view of the business."

Which specific modules/solutions of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud did you finally decide on?

"Dynamics 365 Sales Hub."

On the subject of implementation

How much time has gone into the technical implementation?

"The initial set-up and adaptation of the existing processes took around eight weeks. However, since we opted for an agile project approach, we continue to work on additional requirements from the business in short sprints."

Were there any technical problems during implementation? If yes, which ones?

Not specified

How long did it take to train the sales, product management and marketing staff?

"Since most of the colleagues already knew the solution, training as such was no longer necessary. The essential changes were taken over by a key user within CUBIDO. Here, it was particularly important for us to incorporate the feedback from the colleagues back into the implementation as quickly as possible and to generate further added value."

On the subject of collaboration with primeone and Microsoft

Do you feel well advised and supported by primeone and Microsoft?

"primeone is our main contact for the use of Dynamics 365. The consulting always takes place on an equal footing and we consciously take the path of relying on best practices. It was also important for us to have a partner who brings other competencies in addition to Dynamics 365. For example, we are also looking for our own CPQ solution. Here, too, we were very well advised by primeone, which was able to show us which functions are still possible in the Dynamics standard, and where solutions such as Dox42 bring added value. All in all, we feel we are in good hands in our collaboration with primeone."

How do you rate the response times to problems?

"There have been no problems so far. However, the accessibility within the implementation was exemplary. We were able to call on primeone's experts at any time."

On the subject of benefits and assessment

How satisfied are you with the tools? Do the tools meet your expectations?

"The process and implementation are still ongoing. Basically, however, it can already be stated today that we were able to achieve the key milestones on time and on budget."

Overall, what are the biggest advantages that you have noticed, also in comparison to possible earlier CRM applications? Can you provide concrete figures?

"By expanding our customer database, we now have better and finer selection options available. In addition, we have now mapped our entire sales process in our CRM tool. This gives us a better overview of our sales cycle."

Describe in one sentence why you would recommend primeone and Oracle!

"You're talking to true cloud CX specialists from minute one, and that's even platform agnostic."