Field Service Cloud

Field Service Cloud is a solution for the Field Service agents/engineers that collects time-based data about everything that happens in the field to create optimal routes and schedules. Incidents can be predicted accuracy of 98%. This allows us to respond quickly to unforeseen events and ensure customer satisfaction.

Get a real-time overview of all field staff activities and access them in a timely manner if there is a risk that the service level agreements will not be met. Furthermore, precise capacity planning is possible. Understand exactly how much work your field staff can take on any given time and focus on mission-critical tasks. Precise appointments can be offered at the first contact.

Field Service cloud also offers automatic planning of field service operations based on the employee skills.



The most important modules of field service cloud

Field Service Management
  • Capacity Planning and Booking
  • Routing and Optimization
  • Disposition and Management
  • Mobile App
  • Contextual co-operation
  • Customer Communication
Capacity Management
  • Precise appointments for the first contact
  • Correct work assessment
  • Takeover of mission-critical tasks
  • Optimal use of Employees & Devices
  • Maximum Productivity
Centralized management
  • Overview on activities in real time
  • Timely Intervention
  • All information for field staff are delivered on mobile devices
Smart Location
  • Route Comparison (actual vs. expected)
  • Shared knowledge management through context-sensitive tools
Customer Communications
  • More options, information and flexibility for customers
  • Planning v. demand-oriented operations to meet customer needs

Quick problem solving & real-time communication = high customer statisfaction

Especially in the field service it is often difficult to achieve an excellent customer service. Requirements such as the planning of travel time, extending customer working hours and unforeseen events make it difficult to meet deadlines and satisfy customers.

In addition to customer service, it is important for your company to use resources correctly, save costs, have fast problem solving, and be able to inform your customers about changes in real time.