Marketing Cloud

Marketing must be simple. And create impressive customer experiences. Centrally tunable cross-channel interactions, results analysis and binding of the right target group will help you to reach this.

Cross-Channel marketing: Reconcile relevant customer experiences across all marketing channels (web, e-mail, social media, push messages, etc.) and use real-time behavioural data to deliver relevant content.

Content marketing: Create customer personas with high functionality to deliver the right content for the right people.

Lead Nurturing: Improve your sales success and transform leads into a certain lead score. Relevant and timely reports will help you. Provide your sales team with the right information, depending on the status of the purchase process. Appropriate content for emails and landing pages tailored to different target groups, industries or territories helps to provide relevant content at all times.

With Social Marketing you have a comprehensive tool for social media available. Track posts, publish relevant content, and analyse your social media data to increase your revenue. Successful social media marketing not only influences purchasing decisions, but also acts as a referrer.



Features of marketing cloud

Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Personalized experiences, news and advertising across all channels
Social Marketing
  • Find the ideal customer to support your products and services.
Content Marketing
  • Consolidate and Clean up
  • Complete and Enrich
  • Coordinate and Share
Data Management
  • Collect, activate and analyze marketing data to achieve better business results

Create your ideal customer

To find the ideal customer, it is important to offer personalized customer experiences. Only targeted marketing activities can address your customers and they become ideal customers.

Ideal customers buy consistently, increase sales and advocate your brand.