Sales Cloud

Modern sales functions help companies to sell more, to know more and to grow more. By using mobile devices your sales force will be able to sell anytime, anywhere.

Because many salespeople spend up to 50% of their time in the field, it is particularly important to give them full access to their customer data to update forecasts and manage business opportunities on the fly. This will allow your employees to sell more. Improve target achievement through targeted Sales Performance Management (SPM) and support your sales team in achieving their goals.

Work with a 360° view of your customers and supplement your knowledge with information from third-party systems. Use the integrated social network to share information with other colleagues as well. Take advantage of sales tools that can be used where you need them – at your customer’s site.

White Space Analyses allows you to find out what your customer will buy next and can incorporate these insights into your sales system. Modern sales at all levels.



The most important features of sales cloud

Sales Team Automation
  • Close Deals & Win
  • Increase Sales, forecast
  • Onboarding
Managing Sales Performance
  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Plan and optimize
  • Motivate and rewarding
  • Coaching and teaching
Managing relationships with Business Partners
  • Onboarding
  • Co-operation and Planning
  • Delivery and Tracking
Customer Data Management
  • Consolidate and Cleanse
  • Complete and Enrich
  • Coordinate and Share
Territory Management / Collaboration
  • Optimization of Sales Organization
  • Reduce Errors & Administrative Costs
  • Assign the most effective sales team to your customers
  • Promote collaboration and cross-selling through information exchange (internal social network)
  • Optimization of Sales Coverage
  • Better target achievement through balanced territory management

Modern sales in the cloud

With sales cloud you have an innovative and proven complete solution. With features such as Sales Force Automation, Sales Performance Management,  Partner Relationship Management, and Customer Data Management, you get your customers involved earlier and close deals faster and more frequently.

In addition, you can access real-time executive dashboards at any time and from any device, analyse and adjust forecasts for sales reps, align sales areas with your sales strategies, and much more.