Customer Journey

Join us on a customer experience journey (customer journey mapping). Slip into your customers' shoes for a moment and consciously walk through their customer journey. Find out how your customer feels at the individual points of interaction.

Decide together with your team where the weak points are and develop strategies to improve the customer journey. We evaluate people, tools and systems that your customer interacts with directly, as well as areas that your customer does not interact with directly.

All with one goal in mind... to ultimately create a new and improved customer journey.

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the term used to describe the points of interaction (touchpoints) between a customer and you as a brand/company. Since the customer journey usually takes place over a longer period of time and across various channels (web, mobile, social, etc.), there is a great risk of a break in the customer experience. This is often referred to as "moments that matter".

In other words, these are precisely the points in the customer journey that you should look at specifically.


Your customers make decisions whether they want to or not

How do I find the "moment that matter"?


With our Customer Journey Mapping Workshop, we offer you the opportunity to learn the methodology in a simple and almost playful way and to slip into the shoes of the customer. In principle, customer journey mapping is a journey of discovery that helps organisations to uncover weaknesses in the customer experience and supports the formulation of solutions.

The methodology was developed by Stanford University and includes a step-by-step approach that we are happy to work through in one or more workshops.