With the simple but powerful Oracle Integration Cloud, you can get the most out of your SaaS and on-premise application investments.

Want to get started within minutes? Create SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premise integrations with a few mouse clicks? All this pre-integrated with Oracle SaaS applications or with other 3rd party applications (e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.)? And all this securely and on a high-performance, high-availability platform? Then the Oracle Integration Cloud is the right choice for you!

The Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is a simple but powerful integration platform in the cloud that helps you get the most out of your SaaS and on-premise application investments.

Integration Cloud Service is suitable for all SaaS-to-SaaS and SaaS-to-on-premise integration use cases, from simple synchronisation of customer data between applications to more extensive integration workflows for processing sales opportunities, quotes, etc.

Integration Cloud Service offers extensive and native connectivity to a wide range of applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and many more. With each new release, more Oracle and third-party SaaS applications are added to this list. However, no adapter is required for your integrations. The product also supports native web services such as SOAP, REST, etc. - so any of the current 2300+ SaaS applications on the market can be integrated with ICS.

Digital transformation brings with it enormous challenges for people, machines and processes. Here it is particularly important to have a partner at your side who can help you in various areas. From CRM processes, to ERP, to HR, integration management and much more. With Oracle and primeone, your search is finally over. We adapt to your requirements, not the other way around.


Do you still create your integrations manually?

The most important functions of the Integration Cloud

  • An environment with preset connections to all subscribed Oracle SaaS applications
  • SaaS adapters accelerate integration with your cloud assets
  • Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems in your data centre
  • Simple and extensible architecture for the development of new adapters
  • Comprehensive, browser-based designer that lets you drag and drop integrations anywhere - on your computer or your tablet
  • An intelligent data mapper makes the right recommendations with Oracle Recommends™.
  • Business-oriented terminology combined with videos and tutorials for ease of use
  • Publish your integrations as an API for external use
Monitor and manage
  • The simple and powerful search function allows you to pinpoint the transactions that are relevant to you. Comprehensive drill-down functions for detailed audits and analyses are also available.
  • Real-time access to KPIs via a visual dashboard from anywhere
  • Fast fault detection and diagnosis allows you to take immediate corrective action
  • A number of ready-made integrations are available, which you can immediately adopt unchanged or adapt to your company requirements
  • Pre-built adapters and integrations published by Oracle and Oracle partners