Content & Experience

Do you still use mailing programmes to share content and documents? How do you ensure that only authorised people access your documents? Do you want to share documents and content quickly and across channels? Do you want to create, manage and publish digital assets from a content hub? Then the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is the right place for you.

Use Oracle Content and Experience Cloud as a cross-channel content management system that lets you share content faster and more securely.

Easily work on content and documents internally and with external teams. Review, share and discuss content by accessing it anywhere, anytime from your mobile device.

Use a central content hub to create, manage and publish cross-channel content, including digital assets, user-generated content, web content and business documents.


Use content management for business documents, digital assets, editorial content and conversations

The most important functions of the Content & Experience Cloud

Content collaboration
  • Collaborate with internal teams and external partners/customers using integrated conversations, and discuss at file, folder or thread level
  • Have conversations in social networks related to websites, discussions, files, folders, teams or projects
  • Easily use the Content and Experience Cloud with Microsoft Office for inserting links into emails, direct sharing of Microsoft Office files and other features.
  • Access content from mobile devices to edit, comment, review and approve.
Cross-channel content management
  • Content management for business documents, digital assets, editorial content and conversations
  • Metadata extraction and management allows you to easily find and reuse assets across projects
  • Use content lifecycle, metadata management and workflow approval
Experience Management
  • Visually create mobile-first websites and quickly deploy sites via templates.
  • Use a complete solution for all corporate sites to create, manage and share sites.
  • Consistent, contextual, relevant and timely content for a better customer experience
  • Publish all content and sites with just one mouse click

Do you still use your mail client or local folder structure to share and edit documents and information with colleagues, customers and suppliers?

We show them a better way...