The Service Cloud offers you competitive advantages through unified communication via web, social media and contact centre.

Get a better understanding of your customers and provide them with the right answers every time through existing service channels and devices. With the Service Cloud, it's easy to retain customers, deliver great customer service and quickly adapt your business to changing needs.

The Service Cloud combines web self-service, knowledge management, cross-channel contact centre and policy automation in one solution. With Web Self Service, your customers can find answers to their problems around the clock. If this is not enough, you can reach your customers through all service channels that converge in your Cross Channel Contact Centre.


Guarantee fast and satisfactory solutions to problems.

The most important functions of the Service Cloud

Knowledge Management
  • Content creation
  • Semantic search
  • Solution Wizards
  • Knowledge analysis
  • Integrated apps
  • Knowledge APIs
  • Guided Assistance
Contact centre via all channels

(Cross-Channel Contact Centre)

  • E-mail management
  • Guided Assistance for customer interactions
  • Social Contact Center
  • Mobility of the service staff
  • Uniform desktop for service staff
Customer service on the Internet

(Web Customer Service)

  • Web self-service
  • Self-service via social media
  • E-mail support
  • Live chat
  • Co-browse
  • Smart engagement
  • Guided Assistance
Policy Automation
  • Dynamic interviews
  • Compliance management
  • Rule modelling
  • Policy Lifecycle
  • Policy Analytics
  • Determination Services
Cloud service platform
  • Experience Management
  • Extensibility and integration
  • Hosting and operation

Excellent customer service through every channel

With Web Self Service, you can offer your customers answers to their questions - 24 hours a day. 72% of all customers prefer web and mobile self-service when interacting with a company.

If this is not enough, self-service can be combined with an assisted service such as live chat, co-browse, mobile app or with social networks.