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What is Aconex anyway?

They say a video is worth as much as 1.8 million words, so watch our video to learn more. Or if you prefer to read, we'll be brief:

Construction projects generate thousands of documents, plans and other types of files. Aconex securely stores all this information online and provides you with tools to manage workflows and collaborate with everyone involved in your project. Think of Aconex as a secure filing cabinet for your project.

Proven project implementation and controls.

Clients as well as planners and contractors trust Aconex and primeone for transparency, control, risk minimisation and team networking.

Increase process efficiency in design and construction coordination, project control and on site. Achieve a fast ROI - with Aconex and our implementation approach that is easy to use and ready to go in a few days/weeks.


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Important Business Benefits

Project room
  • Control, transparency, effortless handover and quick return on investment
  • Process management over the entire life cycle
  • Networked project team to improve cooperation
  • Shared data environment (CDE) for networking all project and model information
  • Configurable platform - support for your required processes
  • A single source of information improves data management and reduces errors
  • Data-driven intelligence promotes continuous improvement

Are you ready for implementation?

Launching a platform like Aconex can seem overwhelming at first glance. There is a lot to do: Staff need to be kept up to date at all levels of the organisation, older systems need to be migrated, staff need to be trained to use the new system and schedules need to be managed.

The good news is that as primeone business solutions we have implemented many projects and we will support you. We have developed guidance and resources to help you implement Aconex successfully and will be your point of contact throughout the project.

Some general reference clients: