Partnership with dox42

 In Customer Experience, N E W S

A new horse is in the stable.

After the question of how to automatically generate individualized documents from all existing systems came up again and again, we started looking for an appropriate partner. We finally found what we were looking for with our colleagues at dox42.

The most important thing to solve:

  • Automate all document types. dox42 integrates directly with SharePoint, SAP, MS Dynamics 365 and any other system. On-prem or as a cloud service.
  • Send your customers high-quality, intelligent documents with data, dynamic tables, charts, images, bar codes, text blocks, conditions, and calculations from all your data sources.
  • Design document templates and data sources easily in MS Office - without programming. This allows even business users to intuitively design templates themselves.

Other Key Facts:

  • Already more than 500 customers worldwide rely on dox42.
  • Just 3 months is the average break even of a dox42 implementation.
  • More than 100 integration partners.

However, it was also particularly important for us to find a partner that fits us and with whom we can grow together. Since dox42 is also located in Vienna, the "handshake" for a joint partnership was just a formality.


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