This was the Digital Innovation Lab: From zero to chatbot in one hour

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Great presentations on the topic of chatbots/digital assistants and the question of how this will be lived in our society and used in the future. These were the topics of the Innovation Lab with the title "From zero to chatbot in one hour".

In addition to the strategic orientation on the part of Oracle (represented by Suhas Uliyar / Vice President Digital Assistant/AI) and the scientific approach of the Know-Center of the Graz University of Technology (which deals specifically with the topics of data-driven business, big data and cognitive computing), we were also able to welcome our customer e|motion, in the person of Herwig Straka, to the podium.

The live demonstration of the ChatBot including Alexa integration received special applause. The aim of the Alexa integration is to bring the Erste Bank Open 500 into the living rooms of tennis fans. In the future, you will also be able to get voice-controlled information on the most important topics. Once again, the goal is to offer customers the channel they prefer.

The findings that were discussed afterwards will be made available in a separate blog post. At this point, however, we would like to take a few snapshots and thank the 2050 Thinkers Club and our partner Oracle.


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