Even more service for over 450,000 ORS/simpliTV customers

 In Customer Experience, N E W S, Service Solution

The long wait is over... learn more about our reference implementation of the Oracle Service and Integration Cloud at the following video links:



On simpliTV itself: "simpliTV is constantly improving its customer service in order to provide the best service to our more than 450,000 customers in Austria. For this reason, we have decided to introduce the Oracle Service Cloud. Thanks to the integrated knowledge base on our homepage/customer portal, we now offer 24/7 support to our customers. Of course, the customer can still reach us via. Mail and telephone. New, however, is the chat function. Together with our implementation partner primeone business solutions, we were able to go live in just 4 months. However, this was only possible due to the fast integrations, based on the Oracle Integration Cloud, the expert knowledge of primeone and our excellent project team."

Michael Weber / Head of Sales, Marketing & CC

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