"No more waiting for a technician... fiction or reality?"

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Service is and remains the biggest interface to the customer - and is thus becoming the central hub for companies. The digital transformation in technical field service is in full swing in many companies. The most important issue here is real-time: it's all about service in real time. Customer-oriented services on a digital basis in on-site customer service form the basis for sustainable business models. Companies face the challenge of consolidating their competitive advantages through a high-quality customer service experience. The challenge is the optimal deployment planning of the different resources. Whether manufacturing, construction, air conditioning, energy, high-tech and telecommunications or medical technology - the market and demand for on-site customer service solutions is greater than ever. Software that improves productivity and thus service has top priority, regardless of the industry. The demands that different industries have on tools and products are also literally a wide field.

In the lecture (in cooperation with the BVMW "Der Mittelstand") an exemplary view from practice on the industry sector of fire alarm, communication and security systems will be given. This lecture will show you how medium-sized companies can face and master the challenge. Martin Veren and Markus Volkmann will explain from their experience how factors such as travel distances, appointment arrangements, employee qualifications, working time models or material consumption can be solved using a modern cloud application such as that from ORACLE.

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